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Specialised belts

Specialised belts have been designed and manufactured to perform a specific function. They have been in other words customised to perform a specific function to most effectively synchronize conveying, indexing, product positioning and motion control.
To achieve this, the use of a variety of coating, physical properties and features change the belt to serve the intended outcome of the application.

power drives

Power Drives or Timing Belts are used to transfer synchronised power transmission in drives. This is achieved by meshing belt teeth with grooves in a pulley to synchronously drive the system with no slippage.
The tensile cord has minimal stretch so they are virtually maintenance free and the constant need for adjustment is removed.

Optibelt RED POWER 3

New 3rd Generation Red Power 3 is the latest version of Optibelt Germanys high performance, maintenance-free V-belt which has for over ten years been proven to offer unrivalled performance and cost savings on all types of quarry equipment including crushers, screens, pumps, blowers.
Significant improvements in productivity, reduced costs and reduced power consumption can all be achieved simply by switching your V-belts to Optibelt Red Power 3. No other changes needed.

We specialise in Timing Belts, Poly-V and Linear Long Length Timing Belts.