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Welcome to Belting Ware, SA

Belting Ware, is an innovative company originally stemming from the company, Belt Torque which was established in 1997.

We specialize in Timing Belts, Poly-V and Linear long length timing belts.

Our ability to meet our customers special belting requirements is easily obtained by virtue of our well established relationships with our overseas suppliers, both in Europe and Asia.

Our ability to creatively solve problems in our line is not limited to overseas sourcing. We have the capabilities and skill to try and manufacture or source products locally, to minimize overseas delivery time.

Belt Types

Metric Belts

Timing belts of polyurethane construction and are used where the properties of polyurethane can be exploited.

They are well suited for use in difficult environmental conditions and has a high resistance to abrasive chemicals.

Available in T5, T10, AT5, AT10

HTD Belts

HTD Belts' curvilinear tooth profile provides uniform load distribution, enabling them to be used for extremly high load applications.

Available in 5M, 8M & 14M

Specialized Belts

Belting Ware have the ablity to source, supply and manufacture many specialized timing belts.

Examples of these belts include, specilized covers, lengths, grooves, punched holes and specilized applications.

Poly V-Belts

Poly-V Belts are a combination of V-Belt performance with flat belt flexibility. This special construction allows for use with small pulley diameters, reduced noise and vibrations and counter flex capabilities.


Imperial Belts

Timing Belts of Neophrene construction and are used in many different applications where application allows for its usage.

They have a great resistence to cold, heat and oil.

Available in XL, L, H

Linear PU Belts

Linear timing belts are used for linear drive applications, replacing more expensive alternatives.

They can be thermally joined in house to make any length required in endless length.

Available in T5, T10, T10, AT10, 8M, 14M, L, H, XH

Opti Belts

The Arntz Optibelt Group, with headquarters in Höxter, Germany, is a leading manufacturer of high performance transmission belts. The quality of Optibelt products like S=C V-belts, OMEGA and ALPHA timing belts (chloroprene and polyurethane) is appreciated by many well-known OEM's and MRO's around the world.