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Linear Long Length Timing Belts
by Belting Ware
Linear Long Length Timing Belts

The most salient features of the ZR timing belts are the high quality neoprene compounds, the extremely flexible tension cords made of glass fibre and the abrasion-resistant protective fabric.

A certain level of oil, heat and cold resistance are standard features of ZR timing belts.

Welded or Spliced
Timing Belts

Welded or Spliced Timing belts are joined using thermal vulcanization. Belt are joined endless and will only have 70% of the power rating associated with the Linear power rating.

The belts can be joined to any length and standard width up to 150mm. Wider widths up to 350mm are possible, but on import basis only.

Further processing is possible to meet specific customer requirements.

Timing Belts

These timing belts are manufactured with seamless continual tension cords. They have no weld or joint and are ideal for power transmission applications.

They have the full power rating capabilities of Linear Timing belts.

Further processing is possible.

Timing Belts

Linear timing belts are produced in roll lengths upto 150mm widths. They are used in linear conveying applications where synchronisation is needed.

We are abel to weld them to any length and width needed with our European vulcanising equipment.

Available in Standard, PAZ or PAR or PAZ and PAR

Optibelt products are used where durability and un-compromised quality are required!
Optibelt RED POWER v-belts feature a high modulus tension cord for a 50% increase in power capacity. These cords resist stretching over time making them maintenance-free and more energy efficient as tension loss decreases efficiency. It’s transverse fiber rubber compound increase the belts capacity to dissipate heat and stabilizes the belt in the sheave for up to 97% efficiency.
Welded or Spliced
Timing Belts
Elatech Polyurethane belts have always been designed, manufactured and optimized with static and dynamic tests, in order to provide the best application solution in precision conveying systems, linear motion, lifting and power transmission applications.
Since its beginnings, Elatech has always listened the customer needs, planned the best solution, solved taking care of every detail.
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