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XE-Power Pro

Optibelt SUPER XE-POWER PRO M=S is the next revolution in cogged v-belts. It has a redesigned moulded cogged profile which greatly improves durability, flexibility, and dependability.

The high modulus cords allow it to be maintenance free which reduces downtime, improves overall efficiency, and increases the power capacity by up to 20% over other high-performance cogged v-belts.

Omega Fan Power

Designed specifically for oil refinery fin fan applications. OMEGA FANPOWER has the same high-performance characteristics as OMEGA HP belts.
Features include fiberglass cords and aramid blended fiber rubber core provide the strength for heavy industrial applications.
Fits standard HTD®, RPP®, and MR® pulleys so you get more performance and durability without the need to replace existing pulleys.

HVAC V-Belts

Specifically engineered to meet the demands of HVAC motors and drives. HVAC POWER has the flexibility of cogged or notched belts while keeping Optibelt’s wrapped fabric cover.

HVAC POWER fractional horsepower v-belts will continue to run trouble-free long after standard belts need to be replaced, saving you hundreds of dollars a year or more.

Logistics &
Transport Sector

Achieving a smooth material flow from goods receipt to goods issue is a complex task which can only be fulfilled with precisely planned and smoothly working conveying technology.
Every fault in the distribution, every delay in sorting, and every downtime results in high costs which can be avoided by the use of high-quality engineering components. This is where Optibelt’s innovative drive solutions come into play. With their help, demanding challenges like this can be managed sustainably.


Optibelt has an extensive range of couplings available.

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Red Power 3

New generation Optibetl Red Power 3 is the latest version of Optibelt Germanys high performance, maintenance-free V-belt. Over the last ten years it has proven to offer unrivalled performance and cost savings on all types drives, especially of quarry equipment including crushers, screens, pumps, blowers.

Significant improvements in productivity, reduced costs and reduced power consumption can all be achieved simply by switching your V-belts to Optibelt Red Power 3. No other changes needed.

Laser Aligner

An indispensable aid for belt drives – optibelt LASER POINTER II

The optibelt LASER POINTER II makes it easier to align belt drives. The belt pulleys are aligned to each other via the front or lateral faces. The LASER POINTER II is simple to handle and can be fastened in a matter of seconds. This is a practical aid for professional alignment of belt pulleys.

Optibelt Automotive
Truck Sector

There is hardly any other field that is more reliant on engine safety and reliability than the freight and long distance haulage industry.

Replacing parts with cheap components, and the resulting downtimes, costs enormous sums, especially for companies operating under just-in-time production conditions. It’s for this reason that professional repair shops who are responsible for the maintenance of these fleets rely on the OE quality and precision that Optibelt offers.

optibelt OMEGA
High Power

The optibelt OMEGA High Power high-performance timing belt was especially developed to meet the most demanding requirements.
Dynamic tests with optibelt OMEGA High Power show an increase in performance of up to 150 % compared to the optibelt OMEGA.
The use of new materials allows the life span to be extended even further compared to the optibelt OMEGA HP, depending on the type of application.
The optimised tooth shape with indented tip significantly reduces noise levels.

optibelt OMEGA
High Load

The optibelt OMEGA High Load high-performance timing belt was especially developed to meet the most demanding requirements and for drives that are subject to heavy shock loads.

Dynamic tests show an up to 30 % increase in performance compared to the optibelt OMEGA High Power.
The special cord design ensures good resistance even in the case of medium and high impact loading.
The optimised tooth shape with indented tip significantly reduces belt noise.

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