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Optibelt OMEGA
High Load
by Belting Ware
Optibelt OMEGA High Load

The optibelt OMEGA High Load high-performance timing belt was especially developed to meet the most demanding requirements and for drives that are subject to heavy shock loads.

Dynamic tests show an up to 30 % increase in performance compared to the optibelt OMEGA High Power.

The special cord design ensures good resistance even in the case of medium and high impact loading.

The optimised tooth shape with indented tip significantly reduces belt noise.


  • Longer service life
  • Lower noise emissions thanks to optimised tooth shape
  • Moderate oil resistance
  • Ideal for machine drives
  • Electrically conductive, certified as per ISO 9563
  • Up to 98 % efficiency
  • Temperature resistance from –30 °C to +100 °C
  • Standard HTD pulleys available from stock

Sections and lengths:

8M 288 – 3600 mm
14M 966 – 4578 mm
S8M 560 – 2600 mm
further dimensions on request


Dynamic tests with optibelt OMEGA High Load timing belts show an up to 30 %
increase in performance compared with optibelt OMEGA High Power.

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