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Specialised Belts Timing Belts
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Specialised Belts

Specialised belts have been designed and manufactured to perform a specific function. They have been in other words customised to perform a specific function to most effectively synchronize conveying, indexing, product positioning and motion control.

To achieve this, the use of a variety of coating, physical properties and features change the belt to serve the intended outcome of the application.

Draw Down

These belts are used in VFFS industry, but can also be used in many other feeder and draw down applications.

They have no visible joint and are moulded truly endless for accurate film feeds.

Vacuum options are available.


These belts are used to convey sausage strings through the production process. They are used in pairs with special radius to form and grip sausage in feeding process.

Beltingware now stocks sausage belts for Vemag and Handtmann sausage making machines.

Coated & Machined

Timing belts can be processed further for conveying purposes in different applications.

This is achieved by additional processing to the belts. This includes:

Machining of grooves on teeth
Punching of vacuum and attachment holes
Application of special coatings
Application of pushers, lugs and guides

Flour Milling

Milling belts are used in food-processing industries, such as grinding varoius grains for bread, flour, and beer. They can also be used for a variety of powders and chemical product machines.

Available options

Synchronous: D8M, D8M-S or 14M
Synchronous Poly-V: PK-8M or PK-8M-S

The Synchronous Poly-V profile allows functional slippage under jamming conditions and absorbs resulting torque spikes.

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