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Thermo-weldable belts
by Belting Ware
Thermo-weldable Belts

Thermo-weldable belts are extruded from Polyurethane in V-Belt, Round and Pentagon profiles.
They are ideal for use in light, medium, or heavy duty conveying in the glass, textile, ceramic and food industry.

There is two options available:

  • V-Belt Profiles [Z/10, A/13, B/17 and C/22]
  • Round Profile [2 mm – 20 mm diameter]

Advantages of thermo-weldable belts:

  • Easy to welded on site with no specialist skill requirement
  • No need to strip machine to install on site
  • Quick repairs means short down time
  • Flexibility in conveyor design and selected belt spacing
  • Resistant to water, animal and vegetable oils and fats
  • Easy to clean
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